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GMatrix Update 2020

To all friends and family in these tragic times, we hope you are all well and remain protected from COVID 19. The world has been turned on its side but we will come through this together.

This update is to inform all those, who for over a decade have given Tom and I support, that we have finally reached the benchmarks set all those years ago and that there are no longer any technological impediments to building, launching and maintaining the GMatrix across all smart devices. It's been a long time coming.

There have been more than 100 people across 4 countries who have supplied us with research relating to the 4 heart beats of the Internet; Content, Devices, Delivery Systems and Storage and everything in between, widgets to continental cable connectivity, design ideas, critique and general support. Without all of you Tom and I would not have been able to maintain the passion to drive the GMatrix forward for so long. Your belief in Tom and myself has been what’s really kept us going.

There are a few names that need special mention for without their time and effort, on what began purely as an intellectual exercise, the architectural overview would never have been conceived.

When Tom and I began researching the potential for The GMatrix platform all those years ago, the technology to build and deliver it did not exist. As you all know, what did exist was the first stage technology for the core system required to conceive the GMatrix. Tom and I knew one day this particular technology would become globally saturated and highly commercialized, both in software and hardware and become a standard part of many industries IT requirements.

Our predictions were spot on.

Special thanks to these guys, you are Masters of the Universe who turned a dream into a structured architectural plan with benchmarks.

• Josh Graham former Senior Architect Atlassian:

• Gabor Rozman former Senior Software Systems Engineer IBM

• Guy Arnel former Program Manager Eriksson Telephone Corporation

• Michele Dalpra former International Data Manager AAPT

• Peter Williams former Sales Manager.

We would also like to thank Allen Bowden, Daniel Schiappa, Ray Di Casparro and Rick Mieder, former executives at Microsoft, for hosting us in Seattle so we could present our research to them. There was nothing more gratifying than to be told by senior executives from Microsoft that we were right and that the technical solution would achieve its deliverables and the platform could scale efficiently. Gentlemen, your confirmation energized Tom and myself into continuing to follow the dream.

Our trip to Japan was hosted by two exceptional men, Hamada Yoshifumi, Senior Executive and Kazuhiko Nishi former CEO, of ASCII Corporation. We had an amazing time and we thank you for your generosity and wisdom. Your input regarding quality versus compromise was enlightening and a lesson well learned. Thank you both.

Finally, we would like to thank Ian Day, former CEO of MediBank Private, for agreeing to do an independent review of our business plan and confirming the business model was sound.

Our business plan has stood the test of time with just minor updates over the last ten years and is testimony to its quality and longevity. We have also produced a video displaying the core elements of the GMatrix. Tom and I are now reaching out to form a joint venture partnership with corporations, in our target industry, that have the ability to build and deliver the GMatrix.

Again, thank you to everyone who has ever been touched by the GMatrix vision and contributed to our research, design and emotional support.

Michael and Tom

Tom has had a successful IT Career for over 35 years, working in the following roles for some of the world's largest corporations. Technical director, Senior Application Manager, Technical Manager, Senior Project Manager and Senior Developer and Consultant. His understanding of global IT infrastructure requirements across all technological forms is second to none.

Tom Desi
Chief Operations Officer

Michael was a commercial pilot during the 1980s, got bored and joined a rock band The Swamp Jockeys. He knew the entertainment industry was his home. For 35 years he has worked across all genres of the industry. Some highlights: He has been Artistic Director on international sporting festival opening ceremonies, Arts' Festival Producer, International live Broadcast Content Producer and Stage Manager on large corporate events working with top performers from Australia and overseas. Michael has worked in film and television as a producer, production manager and first assistant director, sharing 5 MTV and ARIA awards with Burrundi Pictures and the Yothu Yindi band and 2 Tourism Industry awards for a short film.

Michael Wyatt
Executive Producer

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Sydney NSW 2016



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Ph: Michael (61) 424 618 331